Top 5 Height Increase Foods to Include in Daily Diet

Eating healthy and eating the right kind of food can help augment your quest into greater heights. Find out the top 5 best height increase foods now.

In case you have faced disappointment after trying out the different ways of increasing your height, you will be happy to know that just a small change in diet can help you gain your goal. You only need to include a few height increase foods that are easily available as well as affordable, regardless of whether you are non-vegetarian or vegetarian.

Along with exercises, you can effectively work on your height just by concentrating on a diet to increase height. Yes! You need to do both together; this was what you were lacking until now. Most of us focus only on intense stretches or activities such as skipping and swimming for boosting the height. However, for a natural boost, the body needs a few vitamins, proteins, and minerals that we get from foods. This is perhaps why malnutrition is considered as the common cause of retarded growth. Therefore, here are some height increase foods to consider in your daily diet.

Height Increase Foods

Garcinia Cambogia

Heigth increase foods
food for increasing height

This is a small pumpkin like fruit widely grown in Asia and used as an ingredient in several weight loss products. However, the fruit also is a height increase foods, as it reduces fat significantly regularly, increases the lean mass, and increases muscle mass. However, it is advisable to discuss about it with your doctor who knows about the fruit. Further, kids, pregnant women, and people undergoing treatment for serious disorders are not supposed to have this fruit or its extract.


food to increase heightSoy products such as soymilk and soybeans are essential for apt absorption of calcium and vitamins. In the collection of vegetarian eatables, soybeans are the richest ones in terms of proteins. They contain pure protein that is necessary for enhancing tissue as well as bone mass. This helps in increasing the height significantly. It is suggested having 50gm of beans daily for the desired outcome.


diet to increase height

In case you cannot find soymilk, even consuming milk can give you beyond satisfactory results. Milk is a rich source of calcium, a mineral that not only grows and maintains bones but also boosts height. Further, milk has vitamin A that retains calcium in the body and protein that promotes cell building. It also facilitates optimal absorption of proteins. Therefore, it is suggested to include 2 glasses of skimmed (fat-free) milk in daily diet, which has 100% protein.

Dairy Foods

You should also include dairy items in your daily diet for enjoying an effective outcome when it comes to height growth. Consider adding paneer (cottage cheese), cheese, whipping cream, and yoghurt that are low in fat, as they are superb source of calcium, protein, and vitamins A, B, D and E. It has been found that deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to low height.


This plant source is rich in protein that helps in alleviating fat as well as boosting muscle mass. Therefore, it is suggested having 50 gm of oatmeal daily in breakfast.

Starches and Grains

These are the main energy boosters as well as sources of fiber, iron, vitamin B, selenium, and magnesium (minerals that help increase height). Consider including brown rice, whole-grain pasta, and whole wheat in your diet.

These are some of the best food to increase height today, there are some more useful tips here.

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