The Effective Height Increase Tips


Being tall is a good attribute at the same time, it is more desirable. There are lots of people who wanted to look taller. Most of them are looking for ways to make increase their height naturally or to look taller by wearing dresses and shoes. Some others are going under the extreme, invasive surgical procedures to increase their height or taking some form of growth hormones.

Here are natural Height Increase Tips for everyone, as follows:

  • Have a healthy and balanced nutrition
  • Have enough rest, sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours a day every day
  • Do not smoke
  • Limit the intake of alcohol and avoid using illegal drugs
  • Exercise regularly

This Height Increase Tips, while may be viewed as mediocre by some people, it is proven to be an effective way of increasing one's height. The truth is that people will stop growing taller after their puberty stage, however, there are several people who have gained height increases of 2 to 3 inches after their puberty stage. Here are their secrets, aside of having a healthy lifestyle.

Physical exercises that increase height

Individual height is greatly influenced by hereditary factors, however, it could be enhanced by doing the right physical exercises. There are particular exercises, which experts termed as ‘grow taller exercises’, can actually increase one’s height. Here are the two major exercises to grow taller;

  • Stretching exercises
  • Hanging exercises

These two exercises are designed to lengthen the body and it is the most effective way of growing taller. It is also important to increase the level of intensity of the stretching exercises every day and pushing the body to its limit for much better results. No amount of physical exercise could be effective without properly nourishing the body of its required energy.

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique focuses on balancing of body movement so as to develop good posture. It was develop by F. Matthias Alexander and is very popular among celebrity models. While there are more people skeptical about its effectiveness in increasing one’s height, it is very effective in improving good posture. Anyway, a person with a good posture appears to be taller than what she or he actually is.

The use of Growth Hormones and Surgical Procedures

To increase their height some people will resort to surgical procedure or the use of growth hormones, however, these two techniques require lots of money under the close supervision of medical professionals. It is also a very painful process and requires much time to heal.

Height Increase Tips - Use elevated shoes!

One of the most effective and easiest way to appear taller, is to use high heeled shoes or elevator shoes. Anyone can have the full option of having a 2 inches or up to 6 inch heel shoe to increase his or her height instantly. Also, the use of well-designed dresses that tend to increase one’s height. The use of vertical lines will look the wearer much taller.

This Height Increase Tips could be useful to everyone who wish to increase their height naturally or at least to appear taller.

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