Increase your Height with Yoga

Yoga’s are termed as the spiritual and mental exercise that gives the pure spirit to human’s life. As compared to other exercises yoga’s have serious boundaries and fits body in right shape. Even yoga’s have strong encounter to improve the body stamina and height as well. There are different exercises in yoga’s to develop the hormones naturally which supports to increase the height in any age. Generally the hormones after the age of 25 will slow down but it has the growth hence when a person stimulates the hormone he can have good growth as well.

Twelve postures of Surya Namaskar and its benefits:

The most effective and high benefited yoga is Surya Namaskar which is being practised in centuries and involving 12 different postures in single yoga. Doing Surya Namaskar at the time of morning will enhance and boost your stamina thought out the day. Stand in a posture and face towards sun then touch your feet without bending kneel. Inhale and raise your arms upwards then bend back and stretch arms above your head. Keep your hand and feet in a position that touch your toes then lay down to make the yoga in normal position.Reverse the order to the upright position and continue this stretching for twelve times. Surya Namaskar brings all benefits to the body and mind in an effective way.

Sukhasana is centre position yoga and here the person will left peacefully in the position and breathing tones from lungs to hips. With a cross legged position sit in a calm place and take a breath for some minutes in deep breathe. This strong breathe will helps you to bring back your organs in good respiration and make your body active and fresh all day. You can do Sukhasana on each exercise intervals which maintains the breathe control properly.

Stretching exercises with Trikonasanas:

Talasana is one of the stretching yoga which makes your back and abdomen completely stretche3n in standing position. While doing Talasana take a deep breath and raise your hand above and stretch your body. If you practised it from childhood the body will response the flexibility level on your works. As like as Talasana, Trikonasana is one of the best stretching exercise. Stretching exercise in yoga to increase heightis proved and improves the hormone growth as well. Stretching both legs and hands is the secret of doing Trikonasana which enhances the body to stretch properly and make the hormones incredibly flexible.

Revolved triangle position in yoga is named as Parivrtta Trikonasana. As like as Trikonasana the body will stretch and touch the toe in cross legs and hands and it has more stretching than Trikonasana. If a person doing revolved triangle he will improve his height and reduce body weight. While on stretching the organs inside the body are functioned well then the body gets activated stamina and energy through the day. One who has pains and blood circulation problems can do this yoga for a good health and it improves blood flow.

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