How to Increase my Height? 4 tricks you should know!

Every individual’s height varies as it depends on his/her genes and environmental conditions but with a little effort from your side you can gain another five or six inches height if you are under the age of twenty four. And for individuals who are over twenty four years of age, by following few simple tips you can increase about two or three inches.

Confidence is often associated with height where you often fearing you will grow short if both your parents are short. But there is no need to fear as there are natural methods that can help you increase your height by 2 to 3 inches if you are over 25 and 6 to 7 inches if you are under 24. Diet, exercises and right posture are all you will need rather than the supplements and pills that promise height but only provide side effects and health complications.

Exercises and diet to increase height

How to increase my height? Just a little amount of dedication and time from your end and you can easily increase your height naturally. The right diet and avoiding food that has sugars is very important like pizza, soda, etc. Including a lot of lean proteins in your diet and eggs are known to improve your height.

Yoga and exercises and particularly those that involve stretching like swimming, mountain pose, revolved triangle pose, triangle pose, etc are some moves that help you increase height naturally. Swimming every alternate day for at least two hours is one of the best means of increasing height.

Rest is important to grow your height

Teens to adolescents grow best when they get adequate rest of about 10 to 12 hours of sleep. Thus sleep is one of the important factors that help you grow tall.

Calcium that is necessary for good bone health that is found in green leafy vegetables and dairy products is the key to grow taller. Zinc deficiency is known to result in stunted growth in both human beings and pants and it is a micro nutrient which is needed by our body. Increasing the intake of this element that is found in pumpkin, squash seeds, peanuts, etc may increase your height naturally.

Those who skip breakfast are prone to gastric problems and ulcers. Apart from few strong medicines, steroids are also responsible to stun the growth of a person. Drink plenty of water not just to gain inches but to make sure that your body functions properly. After all 70% of our body is made up water. Muscles need water to grow; food needs water to get properly absorbed by the body; blood needs water; bones need water; in short our body needs a lot of water to survive. Above mentioned are few lifestyle changes which can do wonders to one’s life and make a healthier and happier person. Follow these few tips and see the difference.

So, without further ado stand with all your confidence and walk confidently and rule the world. What are you waiting for?

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