How to Increase Height – Effective Ways of Doing it!

One’s height forms a pretty integral part of one’s personality, and hence can be so very important. Learn how to increase height now!

One’s height forms a pretty integral part of one’s personality, and hence can be so very important. Nowadays, it’s probably more important than ever to be taller enough, as it’s something that affects all aspects of one’s life.

The below given are some effective and harmless ways of increasing height. They make require quite a bit of patient on your end, but will probably be worth it.

How to increase height naturally?

Be sure to get plenty of vitamins and minerals needed by your body to grow tall.  Have carbohydrates and calories to give your body the fuel it needs to grow.  Get lots of calcium from dairy, green, and leafy vegetables.  Eat plenty of fruits, grains, and nuts.  Calcium encourages the growth of bone and wards off osteoporosis.  Niacin (vitamin B3) has been shown to increase the human growth hormone (HGH) when 500 mg each day is taken on an empty stomach.  Age-specific vitamins are excellent to take as well on a full stomach.

Research indicates that pre-teens and teenagers need good, quiet, and no light for quality sleeping.  Your body grows, renews and rejuvenates tissue during sleep when HGH, produced in the pituitary gland, is manufactured naturally during sleep.

Consult your healthcare professional if you want to consider HGH treatment.  Do not use HGH powders, pills, creams, or non-prescription injections; they have dangerous side effects.

Do not take anabolic steroids that stunt your growth preventing bone growth in children and teens.  It decreases breast size, lowers sperm count, and causes high blood pressure for a greater risk of a heart attack.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Do not smoke or be around second-hand smoke
  • Eat healthy foods for balanced nourishment
  • Do muscle lengthening exercises such as: basketball, cycling, running, and swimming
  • Have a sound night’s sleep
  • Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs
  • Caffeine does not stunt growth, but can interfere with sleep

Factors to Consider for Height

As far as the age factor is concerned, your success might be greater if you’re in puberty than if you are an adult.  You will not be guaranteed to being tall even when living healthy.  Genetics and environment can influence height and you might not be able to control these.  If you have two short parents it doesn’t mean you will be short and conversely, two tall parents doesn’t mean you will be tall.  If most people on both sides of your family are short, chances are you will be short as well.  After your growth plates close, your height will remain the same.  You can, however, use the following tips before the growth plates close.  You won’t know this until your mid-twenties when you have reached your full physical adulthood.

You can calculate your estimated height by basing it on your parents’ height.  Add together the height of your dad and mom.  Add 5 inches (13 cm) if you are a boy.  If you’re a girl, subtract 5 inches (13 cm).  Divide that number by 2.  This isn’t an absolute but will be close give or take 4 inches (10 cm).

How to Increase Height? Through Good Food and Vitamins

For increasing height, Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, may turn out to be pretty useful. It’s available in fortified milk, alfalfa and mushrooms as well as can be obtained through spending time in the sun.  Girls will have stunted growth and weight gain with a deficiency of vitamin D.

Eating vegetables and fruits too may go a long way in increasing your height considerably over a period of time. Also, milk is considered to be a complete food, and may offer almost everything you need to grow a few inches taller. Hence, increasing its intake too is something you need to consider.

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