How to get longer legs using simple to do exercises?

Well, there are many women out there who’d love to have longer legs. And why wouldn’t they? Longer legs make a woman so much more adorable, not to mention they help them stand out from the lot. Longer legs pretty much becomes a woman’s highlighting feature, helping them steal the limelight. What more, longer legs also give one the much needed height advantages, something that brings with it a more impressive personality.

However, regardless of how many women want those beautiful longer legs, a very few are blessed with them genetically. This leaves the other with just one option. If they really want to look a lot more gorgeous, they’ll need to work hard. There are quite a few exercises that promise to award one with longer legs. However, though they’re quite effective, they’re required to be followed with a lot of dedication and determination. So if you really want to know how to get longer legs and work towards your goal, you’ll have to throw your laziness out of the window.

How to get longer legs using simple to do exercises?

Pencil Side Leg Exercise

While doing this exercise, you’re supposed to stand with your hands on your hips. Then, you need to move your left leg slightly in the left direction, softening it at the same time. This should be immediately followed by moving your right leg on your right side in the air, then again moving it back towards you, without touching the ground. Repeat this step two more times, touching the ground with your toes during the last time. Then, you need to move your left leg towards your right leg, without letting your heel touch the ground. This will mark the completion of one rep.

It helps achieve multiple positive changes at the same time, including developing your calves, ankles, as well as inner and outer thighs. Furthermore, it promotes your balance and posture, besides improving your core strength. Over time, all these changes may lead to longer legs, without having to resort to any harmful supplements or other such options.


This particular exercise is also believed to be one of the best ones for increasing the length of the lower part of your body. Also, it may help bring about a positive change in the length of your legs even if you’re well past your puberty.

This exercise involves sitting on a high chair and using weights to put pressure on your ankles. Then, you need to slowly stretch your legs in the downward direction. After you’re done with it, you need to get up and kick your leg rather gently around five to six times, following immediately by some fast and vigorous kicking for around five to six times again.

One is recommended with start small, doing the exercise with small weights, and gradually moving on to the big ones over time. This exercise helps flex the knee cartilage, resulting in a positive impact on the length of your bones, which should eventually lead to longer legs.

Other exercises

Jogging, skipping, cycling, kicking, etc may all help one achieve longer legs, though may not be as effective as the ones mentioned above. However, they can be done pretty easily, as they don’t require as much efforts as the ones mentioned above.

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