How Tall Will My Child Be? Find out Now!

Height being such an important factor of one’s personality nowadays, it’s no wonder why we see so many parents asking the question "how tall will my child be?" After all, going ahead, height may turn out to be one of the most important factors of a child’s career prospects as well as other important aspects of their life.

Child Height Predictor: Parent's Height

How Tall Will My Child Be
The Parents. A Kids Height Predictor.

Coming to how to come up with an estimate of what your child’s height would be at maturity, there are two approaches, or in other words, methods. The first one is based on taking into account one’s father’s and mother’s height. This approach includes adding a child’s father’s and mother’s height, dividing the total by two, and adding three inches to the result, or subtracting if the child is a girl. This, according to many, turns out to be quite an accurate estimate, though there’s always a possibility of there being a difference of around five inches or so, be it above or below the estimate.

However, this is also a bit controversial, as some even believe that it’s not just the parents’ height that matters while determining a child’s height. According to this belief, one even needs to consider the height of relatives on both sides of the parents as well. Now though even these points may turn out be true in some cases, most of them usually favor the approach that takes only a child’s parents’ height into consideration.

Child Height Predictor: Nurture

Height Chart for Boys
Height Chart for Boys

The second approach can be a bit too complicated to come to any estimate about a child’s height, but it does enough to help one get an idea. This approach involves taking several factors into account, including one’s genes, nutritional levels, overall state of their health, and so on. It also places a lot of emphasis on a child’s gender for obvious reasons.

According to this particular approach, which also tends to be a bit sophisticated, a child’s genetics and gender account for nothing less than 70 percent while deciding what their height will be at maturity. On the other hand, 30 percent would depend on how well they meet their nutritional requirements, whether or not they involve themselves in regular exercise or other such activities, the health problems they’re dealing with, as well as the overall state of their health.

Height Chart for Girls
Height Chart for Girls

One can obviously argue over such important factors being given a considerably lower weight age. However, regardless of how fairly both these groups of factors have been assigned their respective weight age, all the factors mentioned under them can turn out to be quite important in deciding a child’s height.

How Tall Will My Child Be?

As far as comparing both these approaches is concerned, the first one seems to be having an upper hand, as its way more practical and one can easily do some easy calculations to come up with an estimate of their child’s height at maturity.

Again, these are estimates and not a definite figure. However, it would give you a clue on just how tall your child can be. Next time someone asked you, "How tall will my child be?" Just refer them to this page or this page.

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