Height Predictor Calculator – How Tall Can You Be?

Usually, parents tend to track the height of their children right from childhood, by making them stand up against a wall and marking the increase in inches with a marker. This helps them to predict exactly how tall their kids would grow finally, considering the pace at which they are growing currently. These markings can help in Height Predictor.

Height Predictor for Adults
Height calculator for teenagers and adults

In general, the adult height of a child is influenced by a variety of factors, such as gender, genetics, diet and nutrition, lifestyle, and overall health. Of all, the gender and genetics contribute to almost 70% of what determines the extent of height, while the remaining are environmental factors sharing the rest of 30% of contribution.

Height Predictor - Other Methods

Well, except for the aforementioned one, several methods exist for adult height predictor. Of all, the most precise one is the method that endocrinologists and pediatricians tend to use or rely upon. According to Greulich and Pyle’s Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Development of the Hand and Wrist, a reasonable prediction of a teen's height at maturity is possible once the kid’s chronological age and bone age are known.

Another method that is widely in use depends upon the fact that a majority of healthy children tend to grow until a point that is in between the height of their father and mother. With the help of these factors, this technique foresees the adult height by totaling the height of the parents, taking the total’s average by dividing by two, and adding or subtracting three inches for a boy and girl, respectively. Although this technique gives fairly accurate output, the final height can tend to differ by almost five inches below or above the predicted number.

One more method that is widely use by online height predictor calculators is Khamis-Roche. Developed by Drs. Alex Roche and Harry Khamis and published in the official publication of The Pediatrics in 1994, the method discards the need for x-ray to know the age of bone. It is more accurate than the aforementioned ones with a variation of only an inch and a half. However, the method is also applicable to kids who do not have recognized medical issues.

The Working of a Height Predictor Calculator

A height predictor calculator, usually found online, is a prompt estimation tool giving an insight into the height at maturity, of a baby. Although it is an ancient belief that parents’ heights should be considered to estimate how tall the kid shall grow, the height predictor calculators take this belief system to a different level. It does so by employing an algorithm asking for the kid’s gender, height, age, and weight along with the height of parents.

You only need to enter these details in metric and find out different calculations. However, you need to keep in mind that these calculators do not take into account any environmental or genetic factors that also contribute to the height. Therefore, it is suggested to use such a calculator with caution. Further, do keep in mind that the calculators are not a replacement of your doctor's advice.

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