Top 5 Easy Height Increasing Exercises

Height Increasing Exercises
Height Increasing Exercises: Standing Vertical Stretch
Here are some easy height increasing exercises which you can do in your home on your free time! Growing Taller has never been this easy!

Although it is true that the genetic factors tend to influence the human height, one cannot deny that even the external physical factors contribute to its level. Medically, growth halts post puberty when the bones’ growth plates are fused. Nevertheless, it has been seen that growth continues up to the age of 25 in many people. Therefore, it has been argued that it is possible to increase the height a bit even after 25, if one resorts to exercising that has the power to stimulate growth further by influencing the bones. In this post, We’ll cover the top 5 easiest height increasing exercises there are.

These exercises work by stretching the length of bones as well as muscles. With high intensity exercises, the cartilage and bones grow, which help in increasing the height apart from making the body more flexible than what it is at present. Further, additional amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is secreted, which also contributes to extra height. Here are the top 5 simple height increasing exercises to follow thrice each week, even at your home.

Standing Vertical Stretch

Height Increasing Exercises
Height Increasing Exercises: Standing Vertical Stretch

This is a simple standing stretch wherein you start by standing vertically on toes and arms facing upwards. In this pose, lift the body on toes with maximum possible stretch. Now, be in this position for almost 30 seconds. This is one round; you can perform 10 such rounds in one go. The stretch helps in extending the spine as well as boosting the circulation of blood to the body’s lower area.






Vertical Bend

Exercise to Increase height
Exercise to Increase height: Hastapadasana

In this yogic exercise famous as hastapadasana, stand with the legs being a bit apart from each other and bend towards the floor such that you can touch the floor. However, ensure that you do not bend or twist your knees. It is possible that you might be unable to touch the floor or keep the knees straight but that will surely happen with practice. This exercise straightens as well as extends the spine.






Cobra Stretch

Exercise for increasing height
Exercise for increasing height: Cobra Stretch

This is another exercise done during yoga popularly known as Bhujangasana. Herein, lie down with stomach touching the floor. With the palms resting on the sides of the chest, lift the upper body while retaining the lower body in still phase. Ensure that you stretch up to maximum extent. Be in this pose for 10-20 seconds. This stretch is perhaps the most popular exercise for increasing height.

Lying two way stretch

This is perhaps the most relaxing exercise to perform even after a hectic day. Just lie down on your back, stretch the arms over the head such that they touch the floor, and then stretch both the legs and arms together such that they move away from the body. Be in this pose for 20 seconds and repeat it 10 times at a time.

Surya Namaskar

This exercise, as a collection of most height increasing stretches, is perhaps the best way to grow taller. Known as (Sun Salutation, it has 12 Yoga steps. In the beginning, you can start with four rounds of this series and then increase gradually up to 20 rounds. Here is a youtube video demonstrating these stretches:

Height Increasing Exercises: Sun Salutation

Do remember that there is a suggested time gap of 48 hours between 2 exercises.

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