Height Growth Tips: Add a Few Inches to Your Height With These 4 Methods

Did you know? There are 2 factors that play a part in determining the eventual height of the people. Most of you would already know the first one – Genes but did you know that you can add a few inches to your height with the help of ‘Non Genetic’ methods? These methods are collectively called as BMH height growth - the Bone, Muscle and Hormone height growth. Want to know some height growth tips, continue reading on.

Scientific studies have proven that by following a structured regimen, it is possible to increase anybody’s height by 2 - 4 inches. Each method individually will not have any effect but when combined in a structured manner, they are very effective. Let’s now take a look at them.

Sleep Pattern: Our body utilizes the sleep time to build muscles and bones. Most of the growth spurts happen when people are sleeping. That is also the time when maximum amount of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced. Lack of adequate sleep, irregular sleep patterns and disturbed sleep will result in many health ailments, including stunted growth. Children and adolescents will need 9-11 hours and adults will need 7-8 hours of proper sleep. It is also important to maintain a proper sleep schedule because the ‘biological clock’ needs to follow a pattern.

Balanced Diet and Additional Supplements: A balanced diet that includes all vital minerals in adequate proportions is essential for good health. For height growth, our bodies will need specific vitamins and minerals in additional quantities. Vitamin D and Calcium are essential for muscle and bone growth and including food items that have these in plenty, will do wonders for people who are looking to increase their height.

Immune System: The ability of the body to ward off diseases is called immunity. Frequent ailments and illnesses weaken the immune system, which in turn will result in stunted growth. Ailments can be caused by improper lifestyles, bad habits, excessive usage of medications, substance abuse, etc. A healthy immune system is vital for height growth and most people do not realize its importance.

Physical and Mental Fitness: This is the most important aspect of BMH height growth. Exercising all the muscles in the body will stimulate their development and will also induce bone growth. Vigorous sports like swimming, football, basketball, etc, are a fun way to keep the body fit. Along with this, people must also give adequate attention to their mental fitness. Yoga is an amazing way to keep the mind (and body) fit.

If you observe the methods closely, you’ll see that they are interdependent on one another. For example, you’ll get a sound, undisturbed sleep every day, only if your mind is uncluttered and your body is fit, healthy and physically tired. Another example – if you want to take up a sport or if you want to work out in a gym, you’ll need stamina and strength (healthy diet, good habits, strong immune system); you’ll need proper rest (sleep) and you’ll need a sharp mind (which allows you to concentrate and build up will power to continue with the physically vigorous sport/work out).

BMH height growth methods have a 20% to 40% chance of succeeding and the trick is to ensure you are optimizing on all the four aspects simultaneously. The chances of success is inversely proportional to age – the younger you are, greater your chances of success. It becomes increasingly difficult to gain height after you reach the age of 30 because the biological growth phase stops by that time. So, start your BMH methods early to see good results.

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