Home-done Stretches to Grow Taller Easily

Wanna Grow Taller Easily, kids? Most kids and teens have a passion for growing taller to gain a sturdier personality as well as more self-confidence. This is especially true for those with poor posture. Instead of trying risky or painful methods like surgeries, you can grow taller quite easily by doing some simple stretches at home. These stretches work by strengthening the muscles that are responsible for good posture. Due to stress or sedentary lifestyle, you may have developed poor posture that forces your vertebrae to go out of alignment. This leads to the loss of flexibility and strength required for optimal posture. Practicing simple stretches at home can restore muscle strength and flexibility for better posture.

Cobra Stretch

Just lie on the floor with chin and palms near chest, touching the floor. Now, bend your spine upwards by taking your chin and stomach up. Curve back as much as possible. Repeat this stretch and each repetition needs to last from 5 to 15 seconds. With practice, you can increase it up to 30 seconds.

Cat Stretch

Kneel down with your hands and knees with your arms resting on the floor. Breathe in as you bend your spine down and move your head up to focus on the eyebrow center. Now, breathe out as you move your spine upwards to form a curve shape while moving your head down. Each repetition needs to last from 3 to 5 seconds. With practice, you can increase it up to 8 to 10 seconds.

Super Stretch

In the stand up pose, move your hands high upwards and lean your back a bit. While doing so, experience the stretch in the lower back. Now, come back in the normal standing pose. You can do the same exercise by lying down. As this stretch is so simple as well as comfortable, consider doing it while watching TV or sleeping in bed. Each repetition needs to last from 4 to 5 seconds. With practice, you can increase it up to 7 seconds.

Touch Toes

In the standing pose with hands quite above your head, move down to try to touch your toes with the fingers. Ensure that you do not bend your knees or legs while doing so. If you cannot touch your toes, touch your ankle or leg area below the knee where it is comfortable for you to touch, but do not bend your knees or legs. Each repetition needs to last for 3 seconds.

Once you continue to do this stretch daily, you will notice that you can reach up to your toes and that even your tummy has gone in.

Super Sky Stretch

Kneel down with your hands stretched upwards and palms together. Now, bend over your head and arms as much as back as possible. This shall create the C shape without straining your back. Ensure that you push the arms as much as out as possible for maximum stretching. Each repetition should remain for 5 seconds.

Basic Twist

Stand with your arms being stretched at shoulder level. Now, turn your upper body to the left and right without bending or moving your legs and hips. Each twist should be for 2-4 seconds.

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