Can I Rely Upon Ayurvedic Height Increase Medicine for Getting Taller

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is certainly one of the contributors to increased height. It is produced in the pituitary gland’s anterior portion, situated profoundly within the brain. While its bountiful production during adolescence indicates speedy growth, its reducing level during adulthood indicates the inability to increase the height any further. However, Ayurveda argues that stimulating its production even in adulthood through safe and healthy height increase medicine can increase height satisfactorily, if not much.

How Ayurveda Can Assist in Increasing Height

A plant in a pot can never reach up to its maximum height in case the natural factors promoting growth such as sunlight, water, and roots are kept controlled or limited. According to Ayurveda, this is the same with human growth.

Although it is a fact that each individual is genetically set to reach up to a certain height, a majority of people never accomplish it just because they never do all that is essential for maximized growth. Rather, only some factors are taken care, regardless of age and time. Therefore, identifying the inhibiting factors and taking proper actions can lead to more growth in most cases.

Genuinely, HGH is produced throughout one’s life and it is required for retaining the chemical balance and rejuvenating cells in the body. Many factors exist that, if treated precisely, can help in boosting the level of this hormone in your body.

What Studies Say about the Height Increase?

The different medical findings have agreed that the genetic factor is not the only contributor to human height but even few hormonal activities tend to influence it while developing 26 skeletal bones along with the cartilages area of lower body’s bones. Further, stimulating the pituitary gland is bound to boost growth hormone production, which subsequently impels the growth of the cartilages area in the lower body’s bones, finally resulting in increased height.

Scientific findings also prove that young adults can become tall by few more inches even after their lower body bones have fused. This is perhaps it is not only the length of the bones in the lower body but also the length of spinal column that adds significantly to height (contributes over 30%). Therefore, it is possible to increase the height until 25 years for females and 28-30 years for men although the efforts can be more challenging with the increase in age.

Which is the Best Ayurveda Height Increase Medicine?

Ayurveda recommends ashwagandha that is more popular as Indian ginseng herb and is known to increase height. Scientifically termed as Withania somnifera, ashwagandha is rich in several minerals that widen the bone framework along with its density, which in turn, boosts height. The herb is easily available in an herbal store.

Once you get it, add two tablespoons of its powder and jiggery to warm cow’s milk in a glass and mix it well. Consume the mixture every night for a minimum of 45 days, particularly before sleeping. Just ensure that you do not eat any fast food during this period.

Other herbs to consider for natural height growth include Guggul, Aamlaki, Shilajit, Shatavari, Laksha, Arjuna, Bala, Guduchi, and Asthi Shrinkhala.

Nevertheless, it is best to consult an expert Ayurveda doctor before consuming these herbs.

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